Our Mission

To make QA work for businesses.

eQA started in Brisbane in 2001.  The reason it started is simple.  Murray Spiers was passionate about making Quality Assurance better for business.  He knew there was a simpler and more effective way to manage QA. 

“He wanted to provide a service that offered simple quality assurance systems with a focus on the business needs.”

And now the eQA team want to stand QA on its head – the future for QA and business is exciting and ever evolving. 

The eQA team are passionate about helping businesses enjoy success from their QA system, by keeping it simple, workable, current and totally focused on the client’s direct business goals.

By creating strong and valuable relationships with their clients, eQA aims to provide more.  Through growing and nurturing relationships, we have developed an eQA community where we are a trusted advisor.  We love helping our clients in many areas of their business through connecting them with suppliers, leads and opportunities to expand their business.

Our focus is to not just design a system perfect for your business, we want you to enjoy and appreciate the process.  We come packed with experience and knowledge, but more importantly we come with a ready smile, a simple, straightforward approach and a sense of humour. 

Head over to the “Meet the Team” page and see who we all are.

Why you need eQA

 “We’ll save you time… You’ll be QA certified in weeks, not months

You’re probably finding for more and more jobs, you need to be QA certified just to make the short list. Or you need to gain more control over your business, or you want to stay ahead of the rest.  If you can’t afford to take six months getting in touch with your ‘inner QA guru’ while still trying to run your business and balance the bottom line, come and talk to us.

That’s right. No surprises. We provide a quote and we stick to it. We keep going until it’s finished and the price stays the same. And if unexpected issues crop up we haven’t forecast, that’s our problem not yours.

There’s nothing worse than receiving a quote with ’travel and expenses extra” in the fine print and receiving a bill much more than you were quoted. At eQA our travel rates are set and we’re upfront and transparent from the start about expenses. Our invoices are clear and straight-forward – no surprises.

We don’t pretend to be experts in your business – that’s your job. Our areas of expertise are: Quality Assurance and system consulting. We work with a range of industries, formalising their processes into systems that make sense and satisfy business and QA certification requirements.

We know the right questions to ask for the information needed to write the procedures for your QA Manual. If you don’t have anything in place, no worries – we’ll simply write the procedures and then test it with you, to make sure it suits your business.

We work across Australia and overseas.  We come to you, wherever you are. We’re smart travellers and we schedule our trips to keep the costs down. Our quotes are clear-cut and inclusive of all travel expenses.

Meet the Team

Why us?

An important part of the QA journey is whether you like working with us.  It is imperative that you enjoy a happy and successful relationship with any consultant. That is the best tip we can give you.  If you are confident and happy with a consultant, a team member, a friend you can achieve a great deal more.  You will find all the need-to-know information about QA on websites, including this one.

You need to feel confident about the people – we have the expertise, we have the experience, we have knowledge, we definitely have the passion and we feel we have the right personality for you. 

Our people

Murray Spiers

As the founder and all round nice guy, Murray is the brains behind eQA (although he doesn’t look like it). With a background in the food industry, QA and systems have played a big part in his career. Murray’s main focus is for eQA to provide the best possible system to fit your business and to ensure that is works FOR you.

Murray has held senior management roles within Woolworths, Goodman Fielder and consulting with companies such as Roche Mining, Dunkin Brands, so he has seen systems working in all situations.

Hayley Lindsay

The lioness in sheep’s clothing has spent many years in the childcare industry from a team member to a centre director. Dealing with out-of-control children and their out-of-control parents was almost a daily activity for Hayley. With Hayley’s experience in the childcare industry she has had experience with writing quality procedures, implementing the system within the centre and ensuring all staff were adequately trained in the QA system.

She also has had the experience of being audited and suffered the usual stress around accreditation time. And, as we all know, our little ones are our most precious and therefore Hayley’s QA system had to be airtight. Hayley is an integral part of our food clients businesses with a sensible and steadfast approach to food safety and HACCP systems. When it comes to HACCP & Food Safety audits, Hayley will be your greatest champion.

Wendy McCullough

Marketing is an essential element behind every successful business. To have your business not only noticed, but, shown in its true light, is a MUST. Wendy consistently reminds the eQA team of the importance of marketing ourselves in everything we do, at all times. Wendy is the queen of the inexact science of marketing and has been an integral part of putting eQA on the industry map.

Wendy is also passionate about a service that she remembers from the 80’s. Customer service. She is determined to bring back customer service within Australian businesses….not as a policy but as an actual doing word. As an added bonus, if you need any advice about purchasing shoes or which quality bubbles is the best to drink, Wendy is the only person to speak to.