If 2 days of training a year could prevent a very real $400 million loss, would you invest the time?

One of our North Sydney clients, Northquest, is one of only a handful of financial organisations in Australia certified to ISO 9001.

This “qualification for the business” means that they are preferred suppliers to both their business customers and the large financial institutions in the country.

Westpac have recently been defrauded to the tune of $400 Million through forged signatures & phoney documents. Even though Northquest has a robust processing system, this incident has made them realise that if it can happen to Westpac, it can happen to anyone, and they needed to review their system to see if there were any weak links that they could proactively address.

From reviewing several jobs from the past 12 months, they have decided to have formal back up positions & training for all operations staff in the business. As with the majority of business, most matters can be seen by experienced operators, however, the transfer of that knowledge to newer staff members is vital for businesses to thrive. This has now been made a formal aspect of their training procedure.  

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