When talking with Jason from Blenners Transport, he shared two very important points what a QA system in place and being certified means for businesses.

Well, this is year 12 of doing HACCP audits with Blenners Transport. I’m up in Mareeba with Jason the depot manager. How are you, Jason?

Good mate good.

That’s good. Now, Jason, you’ve been HACCP certified for awhile, this depot has been going for how long?

Six and a half now, six and a half years.

You’ve been HACCP certified the whole time. What does HACCP mean to your business? How does it help your business?

Look mate I find that it keeps us on our toes for reporting, um for reporting purposes, incoming outgoing stuff. It’s good for our employees as well to know how HACCP affects everything in the business. And it’s also a bit of a reassurance for our customers to because we’ve got the HACCP tick, they know that everything’s done properly in the depot.

That’s good. And different day up here. Mareeba seems to be raining…

it’s raining mate so no, no 360s sunny days all the time.

No, it’s all right, though. At least it’s not 45 degrees and 109% humidity.

No, not today.

All right. Well, we’ll get back to work. Thanks for your time, Jason.

Thanks Murray.

See ya.