If you are a business owner of any magnitude, be it a small and local or large and international, it is your moral, legal and logical responsibility to ensure the health and safety of your workers through a quality management system. This basic duty of care is vital to the effective running of your organisation.

Murray Spiers

As the founder and all round nice guy, Murray is the brains behind eQA (although he doesn’t look like it). With a background in the food industry, QA and systems have played a big part in his career. Murray’s main focus is for eQA to provide the best possible system to fit your business and to ensure that is works FOR you.

Murray has held senior management roles within Woolworths, Goodman Fielder and consulting with companies such as Roche Mining, Dunkin Brands, so he has seen systems working in all situations.

So what is a workplace health and safety system?

This is simply a program or plan that is laid out by the organisation that aims to manage any psychology or physical safety risks that are involved with their workplace.

Who is responsible for workplace health and safety?

The answer is simple: everyone. There is responsibility on part of the employer to ensure the right systems are in place for their particular industry. Likewise it is the manager’s responsibility to employ these systems in their workplace, be they instructions or some form of training, and finally it is up to the worker to follow the rules that are laid out before them. Here are some fundamental reasons that a workplace health and safety system is important.


A business functions like any other organisation. When the workers are happy and healthy, business is more likely to flourish. Conversely, when simple workplace health and safety issues lay unresolved and sickness or needless disability arise, the organisation will not run as effectively and all involved will suffer.


As a business owner it is your legal obligation to protect your employees. No one wants a lawsuit on their hands, it’s a strain both emotionally and financially and in the long run it always looks bad for business. This means you should know all health and safety related law. Under section 19(1) of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 you must meet a number of basic criteria. This includes a work environment that does nor pose risk to health or safety, be that physical or psychological. The work systems that are in play must also prove safe as determined by a third party. The necessary knowledge, be that information, training or supervision must also be imparted on the workers in order to protect them from harm.

Ultimately a workplace health and safety system will keep your business running efficiently, your workers healthy and happy and make sure you avoid any unnecessary fines or citations.


As an employer or manager you have a moral responsibility to ensure the health and safety of your workplace. This most commonly includes preventing the occurrence or spread or disease. Likewise the prevention of accidents is important as they may result needless disability or even death. If someone is the primary bread winner for their family and are suddenly unable to work because of workplace negligence, this can have significant effects on both their significant other and children.