eQA talks with a Townsville Bakehouse about expanding business and being able to work with larger companies all thanks to his QA system and certification.

Well G’day. We’re up in Townsville. I’m here with Andrew, the owner of Three Loaves Bakery. G’day Andrew. Do I have to wear the hairnet? I’ll take it off. Right. So Andrew is just past his HACCP audit and I just thought I’d quickly ask Andrew how’s HACCP helped your business over the years.

Yeah, it’s been good, self growth. The growth is definitely there now, since we put in place and helps with procedures, control measures to get what we need to get done and the big companies are dealing with us now because we’re able to give then what they need.

That’s excellent. And it’s obviously been in for a while you re-induct your staff each year. So they, they’re aware of what’s going on and that’s certainly helps them to run the place because you’re not here all the time, are you?

(laughing) I try not to be, you know, put some measures in place so they know what needs to be done when I’m not here and corrective actions that need to happen when there are issues or to prevent issues.

So you’ve just opened recently a new shop?


How’s that affected your fishing?

There’s no fishing, there’s no fishing.

It’s a terrible, terrible situation. You can’t go fishing because he’s opened a new one. But that’ll all, you’ll get your fishing. Hopefully. All right, but you got the systems in place, you should be right.


Excellent. All right. Thanks for talking to us, Andrew.