The SIMPLE questions are being asked and far too many businesses are failing to answer.

Broad sweeping statements such as “Environmentally friendly” & “Clean & Green” are catching businesses out because eventually, they will be asked to prove these statements.

Too many businesses are wanting a quick fix to achieve “net zero by 2035” (as an example).  This is a magnificent concept and a good place to start, but, the answer cannot just be a statement, you need prove it, or the customer will simply walk away.

This has led to many businesses being caught “green washing” because eventually, the question will be asked “what have you done to achieve this?”.

But, it’s not all doom & gloom, every business can do this if they start simple.

The idea is to reduce your emissionsenergy usage generated by fossil fuel and waste to landfill.  And, these are all long term cost savings for the business.

Here is what you can do for the first phase:

1 – Document how much energy (electricity, gas etc) your business uses and how much waste (landfill & recycling) you are producing.  You can even look historically if you have put in some energy saving efforts already.  This MUST be documented & able to be absolutely proven.

2 – Work out where the most energy / waste is generated and consult with your management / staff / suppliers / service providers etc to see how, if at all, this can be reduced straight away.  The key word is REDUCED, not eliminate, just reduce.  Set a goal that is achievable.  You are not reversing climate change by next Monday, so take small steps at first.

Once this process is working and you have achieved your targets, or at least some of them, then you need to review the new energy & waste figures and see how you can reduce them again.  Repeat this process over & over.

One of the major barriers for many businesses is time and resources. If you are looking to take steps towards reducing your energy and waste, talk to our team. Our team is specialised in helping businesses design and deploy effective, manageable, and achievable management systems to increase efficiency and sustainability.

If you have questions or would like to enquire about how we can help, reach out to the eQA team on 07 3715 6066 or