New RVS Legislation – Eligibility Requirements for Approval - Helping You Tick the Boxes 

As of 1 July 2021, the new RVS legislation and its regulatory framework were implemented. 

What this means is any trailer manufacturer has until 1 July 2022 to have in place all legislative requirements to continue operating after this date. 

What are the new requirements for manufacturers? 

All road vehicles – cars, trucks, trailers, caravans – must be entered on the RAV (Register of Approved Vehicles) before they can be provided to the market.  This legislation relates to a trailer or other vehicle (including equipment or machinery equipped with wheels) designed to be towed on a public road by a motor vehicle, designed solely or principally for use in transport on public roads. 

To be eligible for vehicle type approval, the business must provide an appropriate quality management system (QMS) to demonstrate full control of the design, componentry, and manufacturing process, to the government.   

eQA can help you with eligibility requirements for approval. 

We will work through the following to make sure you can tick all the boxes. 

  • has the required information demonstrating the road vehicle complies with the applicable national road vehicle standards
  • has control or has access to information about the design, componentry and manufacturing process of the road vehicle type, including changes that may impact compliance with the applicable national road vehicle standards, AND
  • can ensure the design, componentry and manufacturing process will consistently produce the type of road vehicle,
  • can access and provide original and subsequent versions of supporting information, AND
  • will comply with each of the standards and specified conditions that the vehicle type approval will be subject to.

We will also check that your supporting information is in line with approval requirements

Such as: 

  • test reports or documents that assure compliance listed in the ADRs certification compliance 
  • manuals or overviews related to the facility that designs and manufactures the road vehicle 
  • materials, invoices and specification documents for any materials used in the manufacture of the road vehicle 
  • procedures for the manufacture and design of the road vehicle 
  • design drawings and specification documentation for the road vehicle 

Need help navigating this new legislation?  Don’t waste time getting bogged down in all the jargon.  Reach out to our experienced quality assurance team at eQA.  Our effective, simple and direct approach will make sure your business complies. 

Murray Spiers

As the founder and all round nice guy, Murray is the brains behind eQA (although he doesn’t look like it). With a background in the food industry, QA and systems have played a big part in his career.

Murray’s main focus is for eQA to provide the best possible system to fit your business and to ensure that is works FOR you.

Murray has held senior management roles within Woolworths, Goodman Fielder and consulting with companies such as Roche Mining, Dunkin Brands, so he has seen systems working in all situations.