Watch the testimonial of Neil Fairley – RCIT Group – explaining his journey through the accreditation process and his experience with eQA.

“We began our journey in the accreditation space three years ago with Murray Spiers, when we needed to take the waste management business through the environmental accreditation to meet the appropriate standards that were demanded by Councils and many of the larger businesses that we work with, caused us to rethink how we were managing not only the environment, but how we looked at the three components of quality, safety, and environment. We worked very closely with Murray, on the detail and all of the issues that are relevant to ensuring that we, first of all, were environmentally conscious and active in what we were doing. And then later when we moved to actually have quality, environment and safety, all-encompassing within the whole of the business, without Murray, we couldn’t have done it.  

How did eQA and the accreditation positively impact your business?  

Well, the first thing it’s done is created attitudinal change. And this is at all levels within the business from the management right through to the driver operators. We’re all much more aware of circumstances involving our duty of care. The other thing that it has done is caused us to create stronger relationships with our suppliers, and also be more aware of our client and customer needs and how we work towards those objectively. It’s been a very, very, very positive outcome from the overall management of the business.  

Would you recommend eQA?  

I would recommend Murray and his team unequivocally. They’ve helped us the business has grown and changed under his guidance and involvement and it’s made a significant difference to how we think and operate as a company.”