Trevor from Ultra Dynamics shares why they decided to use eQA for their QA system and what this means for their business.

Hi, I’m here at Ultra Dynamics today talking to Trevor. G’day, Trevor.

Hello, Murray.

Now, Trevor, can you tell me what do Ultra Dynamics do?

We manufacture a range of process measurement equipment to solve the problems of industry, on the basis that if you can’t measure it, you can’t control it.

Can’t measure it can’t control it. Wise words, fits into the QA way of life. So you’ve been ISO 9001, certified for 12 months now. And we’ve just completed your second internal audit. So can I ask you, why did you get QA?

The main reason is that as a material company, and having been in business for several years, we’ve normally been asked for a quality system. And what we wanted was a formal recognition of the fact that we were doing the right thing and have the right procedures in place already. And to therefore get the accreditation, external accreditation of the fact that we’re trying to do the right thing and producing the products at the right time, the right price and the right quantity.

Very wise words. So, what benefits have you seen in the past 12 months after implementing the Quality Management System?

It’s very interesting to have a third party, put in a system, which makes you look at what you’re doing. Because if you keep on doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep on, as the Americans say, gettin’ what you gettin’. And it’s a way of monitoring, from a third party what we’re doing, are we’re doing it right, and how can we improve. One of the main benefits we saw was monitoring and reviewing customer complaints. Very, very useful exercise to take that process formally to see what’s gone wrong. Why is it gone wrong? And how can we stop doing it again, happening again.


Now your process of the QA implementation, with eQA, can you just tell us how that went… pretend I’m not here.

I was actually delighted with it, because I’d always put off putting a QA system in because for a start, I understood it was cumbersome. It was very detailed and involved, and therefore very expensive. I found the reverse with yourself, Murray. It was a very pragmatic and practical approach that you took. And the way it was implemented was that the tail was not wagging the dog. The QA system is a reflection of what we do, and a way of doing things better, rather than imposing a system and order, which is perhaps a boilerplate from somewhere else. It’s a true reflection of what we do and how we can improve.

Fantastic. Thank you very much, Trevor. All right. There’s wise words from someone who’s been there and done that. Alright, have a good day.

Thank you very much, Murray.