eQA talks with Megan from The Exchange Shed who shares her experience of the eQA Quality Assurance system, implementing and being certified for ISO 45001 –  Workplace Health and Safety.

Well, hi, I’m here with the lovely Megan from the Exchange Shed. Hello, Megan.

Hello Murray.

How’s your day been?

Really well, thank you.

Spent a fair bit of it with me, so it was obviously a lot of fun. So we’re out here at one of Megan’s pods, and so just explain what, what the Exhange Shed does.

We are a authorized container refund point for containers for change in Jimboomba.

Excellent. And we were brought in to help with some Workplace Health and Safety over the last couple of months. And that’s gone fairly well for you?

It has, very well. Yes.

And you passed your last couple of audits.

I have, 100% thank you.

Yep. And have you found the system?

Very user friendly, my staff can all understand it. It’s in plain speak so implementation was very smooth, and very easy.

It has to be nice and simple, because everybody has to understand it. It’s pointless using big words and everybody being a bit confused. So yeah. Oh, that’s good. And we’ve done some little improvements along the way as things have come up as well.

We have. Yes.  You’ve tought me how to do risk assessments, all of those things that I had no clue about.

Excellent. All right. Well, we’d better go on to the next, next site then. Back to Jimboomba.

See ya.