Put QA into your business, not on the shelf.


As the founder and all-round nice guy, Murray Spiers is the brains behind eQA™ (although he doesn’t look like it). With a background in the food industry, QA and systems have played a big part in his career. 
Murray and his team’s focus is for eQA™ to provide the best possible system to fit your business and to ensure that QA works for you rather than you having to work for it.
Murray’s passion is showing businesses that effective QA is not about having manuals on a shelf, it’s about Freedom, Accountability and Culture.


See how eQA has helped businesses thrive using effective QA


See how eQA has helped businesses thrive using effective QA

Waste Management Business

Watch the testimonial of Neil Fairley – RCIT Group – explaining his journey through the accreditation process and his experience with eQA.

Sushi Manufacturer

This case study is about how we helped a Sushi Manufacturer break the laws of Food Standard Codes (with the approval of the State’s Food Authority).
Sounds strange?

Australia’s Largest Macadamia Grower

Did you know that freeing up only 10-15 minutes every day can save you thousands of dollars and escalate your business to new heights? Watch this case study to learn how we have been helping Australia’s Largest Macadamia Grower with Quality Assurance and Food Safety for the last 17 years.

Solar & Battery Saving Start-up

Here I outline why a Business Management System is more important than a certification. Watch this case study where I discuss a Solar and Battery Saving Start-up client who had established processes that were good enough to pass an audit and get a certification but not well controlled to grow the business. We implemented a thorough Project Management System and now as their business is growing, we frequently revisit our strategy and approach to maintain a viable Business and Quality Management System.

Cold Rooms Designer and Manufacturer

In this case study, I share about a client who designed and manufactured cold rooms. They wanted to attract more clients and get through an audit. Watch the case study to see how we performed a Gap Analysis and upgraded their Quality Management System that better reflected their business and enabled them to get an ISO 9001 certification.

Bus Manufacturer

Here I share a case study for a Bus Manufacturing client seeking a controlled system in place as their business expanded. We performed a Gap Analysis to look for opportunities where the system could improve and established a quality


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New RVS Legislation  

New RVS Legislation  

New RVS Legislation – Eligibility Requirements for Approval - Helping You Tick the Boxes  As of 1 July 2021, the new RVS legislation and its regulatory framework were implemented.  What this…